Take GET2 and test your own enterprising potential. The test guides you through a series of questions on your attitudes and preferred behaviours, before providing interpretation.
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Learn how the GET2 test is structured and more about the enterprising characteristics assessed.
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Find out about the background of the GET2 test and how it has been used.
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What does it mean to be enterprising? Learn more about the characteristics of enterprising people.
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References to academic and other publications on the GET2 test.
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Testing enterprising potential


Enterprise may be expressed by starting your own business, operating as an intrapreneur within an organisation or setting up community ventures. This self assessment test should take you about ten minutes to complete and will give you an idea of your enterprising potential, defined as the tendency to start up and manage projects. There is much academic debate about the most important characteristics of enterprising people. This test suggested an emphasis on the following key characteristics:
Motivation: The enterprising person is highly motivated, energetic, and has a capacity for hard work. They are busy, driven, dynamic and highly committed to getting things done. Their high motivation levels are characterised by a high need for achievement and for autonomy, manifesting as the desire to lead, shape and compete projects.
Creative tendency: The enterprising person is restless with ideas, has an imaginative approach to solving problems, and tends to see life in a different way to others. Their innovative tendency and need for achievement helps them to develop ideas to create new products and processes, for example new technologies, businesses, projects, organisations, comedy and artistic outputs.
Calculated risk-taking: The enterprising person is opportunistic and seeks information and expertise to evaluate if it is worth pursuing the opportunity which will usually involve some risk.
Locus of control: The enterprising person has an internal rather than external locus of control which means that they believe they have control over their own destiny and make their own 'luck'. This means that they confidently seek to exert control over life, draw on inner resources and believe that it is down to them if they succeed through their own efforts and hard work.

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Expand your horizons with GET2 The test is not definitive and it should be used as an educational aid for thinking about enterprise. If you are not happy with your test results, personal transformation is an open door! If you want to be enterprising then you are half-way there!
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